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The Common is focused on building community and creating greater connections between people and organisations. We have grants and sponsorship that are designed for you, to help us, achieve this goal.

Are you a community group that wants to run a regular meetup at The Common but can’t find the funding? Are you a non profit that promotes social connection, and wants to host a fundraiser or film night but need some financial support to make it happen? Are you a startup or entrepreneur who is working on a a great project and a need desk membership (and community) to help get it off the ground? Let’s help each other. Let’s work together. Apply here.

The Common supports startups, community groups, individuals and local charities. Our programmes supports our vision to “Work Together. Grow Together.”

Read more below and apply for one for either a grant or sponsorship for Venue Rental, Community Group, Desk Membership.

Grant | Community Groups

Are you a community group collaborating in the areas of technology, AI, outdoor rec tec, the Green Economy or other impact areas? Do you need a gathering space? Do you have the time, passion and resources but can’t find the money to pay for a venue rental at The Common? We can help.

The Common together with Community Futures is offering discounted and free venue rental for community groups that supports small business, entrepreneurship and innovation in Squamish. 

The Common together with Community Futures is offering discounted and free venue rental for community groups that support small business, entrepreneurship and innovation in Squamish.

Apply below to have up to $1,000 towards venue rental, marketing and promotion.

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Social Capital | Desk Membership

Are you a startup working in innovation? Do you a have a side hustle that might change the world (see below) but need some help to get it off the ground? Are you a solopreneur who would like to contribute time, in exchange for a discounted membership? Then keep reading….

If you are an individual or company working on innovative solutions, or effected by issues in environmental sustainability, indigenous equity, human rights or community building, then we might be able to offer you free or discounted desk space.

We have two programmes to help our community build a stronger and more resilient place to live.

The first programme called Common Capital aka “social capital”. If you feel you can contribute to our community, then contact us.  The second programme is a grant for individuals and companies working on innovation, and in the areas of technology, AI, outdoor rec tec, the Green Economy. 

Contact us below and lets help build a community on collaboration and reciprocity. You can learn more about the inspiration behind this programme and ‘Social Capital’ here .

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Sponsorship | Events

Are you looking to put on an event in innovation but don’t have the financial resources? Do you want to raise some money for your non profit? Have you got an idea to bring together the community? 

We can secure funding for up to $2,000 for events in innovation. We have non profit pricing and free venue rentals for community groups. We can do a $0 venue rental, profit share model with for-profit businesses.

Contact us and let us know how we can help your event happen.

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About | Community Futures

If you need a small business loan, some business advice or both, the quickest way to contact us is by email and we promise to get back to you as fast as we possibly can. You can find our respective email addresses on our Contact page.


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