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Escape the home space and discover a focused work place.

The Common is a thoughtfully designed and welcoming space that takes its inspiration from the start-up culture. Become a member, or just drop in for an hour, the day or a whole week. Rent a desk or an office, book one of our two conference rooms for your team, or reserve one of our two meeting rooms for your online meeting. Most importantly though, join a community and make connections each day.

We offer private offices, team desks and dedicated desks with external monitors. We have phone booths for calls, meeting rooms for companies and a garden for relaxing. We also love dogs.

The Common is not just a co-working space. We’re a [work/ social/ meeting] place to connect people – your tribe. If you’re looking for more than just a place to work, if you want to connect to your tribe, if you or your company embrace innovation and want to be part of a Networking Space that breaks the mould – connect with us. Read our Customer Reviews or this article to learn more.

Let’s do something different.
The Common


The Common is home to a group of open minded, forward thinking and hard working entrepreneurs, technology start-up’s and inspiring business people.

Our focus is the individual. We attract people from large companies, small teams, startups, and high growth businesses. We are a strong community of like minded and talented coders, CTO’s, lawyers, geo spatial engineers, Phd students, innovators from green tech, and highly driven and motivated entrepreneurs. The talent and resourcefulness of our members is what makes this space unique.

We’re not your typical workspace. We have a garden. We have a BBQ. We have weekly socials. If this sounds like this could be your space to call home, then let’s connect. Signup to our newsletter here.

Workspace Options

The Common offers customised membership options for individuals and companies. Please contact us to find out more.

Private Offices
Meeting Rooms

Memberships | For Flexibility

Our memberships are uniquely designed to give people flexibility on when and for how long they work.

Sometimes you just need a few hours away from home, sometimes you need a full day of focused work. Downtown and just want to sit in our garden to have lunch? No problem – don’t count that day! Want to split a couple of days into half days? Sure that makes sense to us! We have a plan like that.

Want flexibility and community? You are not alone.

Membership Plans
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Space Upgrades & Updates
Membership Info

What’s Included?

  • ‘Flexi’ Membership (see signup)
  • Bonus Drop In Days
  • Phone Booth for meetings and calls
  • Zoom Room for scheduled meetings
  • Choice of dedicated desks
  • Computer Monitors
  • Stand Up Desk (shared)
  • Tea and Counterpart Coffee
  • Hi Speed Wifi (200+ mb/s)
  • SHAW Smart Security
  • Outdoor workspace
  • Cute dogs (breed may vary)


Every week we try to get together for a social, including once or twice a month a lunch. So if you want flexible and community – you are not alone.


Drop In Passes

Whether you are an individual or a team, choose one of our desks located in the main space or one of our private offices. Rent hourly or daily.

Private Offices

We have private offices for 1-3 persons. You can rent these on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Meeting Rooms

Need a room for a private call, online meeting or a few hours of private work. We have a room for that. Need a room for your team meeting or annual meeting, we can help there too.

We have phone booths for calls, private offices for deep work, and two conference rooms that can accommodate up to 15 people.

We can also accommodate up to 50 people for a movie night or private social.

Venue Rentals

Need a large space for a training session? Looking to host a small monthly meeting for your non profit? Want to throw a party for your friend? How about a movie night on our 120″ projector and HD projector in surround sound? We have a space for that.

Venue Rental Form


Are you a community group that wants to run a regular meetup at The Common but can’t find the funding? Are you a non profit that promotes social connection, and wants to host a fundraiser or film night but need some financial support to make it happen? Are you a startup or entrepreneur who is working on a a great project and a need desk membership (and community) to help get it off the ground? Let’s help each other. Let’s work together. Apply here.

Community Grant

Virtual Membership

If you need an address for your business we offer a mailing address. A business address in Squamish is required to register your business with the District of Squamish.

Squamish Local?

Do you live in Squamish? Are you new to town? Never tried coworking? Not sure if we’re right for each other?

Look at our memberships, then apply below. Come try out The Common and if it doesn’t work for you then no problem, we won’t charge you anything. Zero pressure.

The catch? You may have to join one of our socials and meet new people 😉

Try Us Out!

Where to find us.

38016 Cleveland Avenue, B1159, Squamish, BC
(778) 906-0405
Chat With Us!

Ask us anything.

Customer Feedback

We dedicate ourselves to continually improving. If there’s been a problem we want to resolve it. We’d love to hear about your experience at The Common. With your feedback we can build the space that YOU need.

Fill out the ‘ask us anything’ form, or if you prefer anonymous feedback, click the survey link below. We’re looking for feedback on building a new space but you can use that for feedback too.

Customer Survey