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As we transform the way we work and live, The Common is starting its own transition to something that suits our times. Signup to our newsletter here.

The Common is a “Networking Space”. A workplace to connect with business leaders – your tribe. Customer Reviews & Benefits

Our focus is the individual. We attract large companies, small teams, startups, high growth businesses, and highly driven and motivated entrepreneurs. We are a strong community of like minded and talented individuals of coders, CTO’s, lawyers, geo spatial engineers, Phd students, and innovators from green tech and sustainability, through to technology and innovation.

The talent and resourcefulness of our members is what makes this space unique. While it’s sad to say ‘au revoir’ to Coworking (shared desks) and a more intimate way of working, and whilst being mindful of the hardships and struggles people face, we’re excited about the new chapter unfolding before us. We now offer private offices, office pods and individual spaces to work.

If you’re looking for more than just a place to work, if you want to connect to your tribe, if you or your company embrace innovation and want to be part of a Networking Space that breaks the mould – connect with us. This will be a journey beyond the ‘new normal’.

Be safe. Be kind. Be brave. Let’s do something different.

The Common Team

Workspace Options

The Common offers customised membership options for individuals and companies. Please contact us to find out more.

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Personal & Team Desks
Micro Offices
Office Pods

- Personal Desks & Team Desks -

Whether you are an individual or a team, choose one of our desks located in the main space.


- Private Office -

Individual offices for 1-3 persons.


- Garden & Outdoor WorkSpace -

Work in the garden. Work in fresh air. or simply take a break from the desk.

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The Common is a thoughtfully designed and welcoming space that takes its inspiration from the start-up culture. It is home to a group of open minded, forward thinking and hard working entrepreneurs, technology start-up’s and inspiring business people.

If this sounds like this could be your space to call home, then let’s connect.

Where to find us.

38016 Cleveland Avenue, B1159, Squamish, BC
(778) 906-0405
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